Monday, January 21, 2013

0 For the middle class (Editor's Inbox)

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Our government leaders say they are for the middle class. What have they done for the middle class in the last 30 years? Let us look at two examples:

1. Taken $2.5 trillion from the Social Security fund for other purposes.

2. Devalued the dollar by deficit spending, which eliminated savings interest. Saving interest at one time used to fund vacations, appliances and numerous other items or grow an account. Today, savings interest is like the messenger pigeon — extinct.

Our political leaders fear socialism. However, they themselves enjoy good wages, lifetime pensions and health insurance for them and their families for life, all at taxpayers’ expense.

What could Congress actually do for the middle class? If Congress was treated like the public sector, then the answer would be apparent — cut benefits by 20 percent across the board. This would certainly be in line with their performance, and I believe most taxpayers would approve.

- The author is from Forest City.


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