Sunday, January 13, 2013

0 Health insurance rate may rise despite health care law

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    Peter Doocy reports from Washington DC

  • Duration 1:42
  • Date Jan 6, 2013
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rates could soon skyrocket health insurance providers are considering increasing premiums.

Notwithstanding the Obama administration's new health care law Peter does -- Washington with a closer look.

And some states the Affordable Care Act may not be living up to its name.

Some insurance companies in Ohio and Florida have already raised their premiums at least 20% look at California.

Where the New York Times is reporting anthem blue shield wants to raise premiums 26%.

And the reason they're able to do that is because health care costs.

Are rising for them to sell.

Even though obamacare requires insurance companies to go through the rate review program for any premium increases more than 10%.

If an insurance company can prove their costs are going up it's hard.

For that rate review program to deny the increase premiums although some experts say that could put a major strain on the system.

They can't afford the premiums that are -- not gonna get coverage or they're gonna end up at the state exchange -- year.

Getting coverage that's federally subsidized which is gonna cost the taxpayer money there's nothing in the obamacare law that's gonna keep premiums down.

Premiums -- determine on a state by state.

Level people who buy insurance on their own our most vulnerable to these increased premiums but an executive at the Kaiser Family Foundation told the New York Times quote.

There's no question that review of rates makes a difference that it results in lower rates paid by customers and small businesses.

And there are 37 states were legislatures have told regulators they don't have to okay every excessive increase in health insurance premiums.

-- considered it seeing Washington Peter thanks treatment but one of the --

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