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Gov. Rick Scott's assumptions regarding the costs to Florida for the Affordable Care Act are almost certainly more accurate than the federal estimates you quote in your editorial accusing him of "fuzzy math."  The governor is trying to make realistic estimates of the costs to Floridians for this massive Medicaid expansion.  As the federal government has already indicated it wants to rework the state-federal cost sharing of the program, it is likely the states will end up with more of the costs over the next 10 years than the current overly generous formula suggests.

Does the editorial board's collective memory recall the Pepper Act? It added long-term care benefits to Medicare, but had to be withdrawn after it passed because the government, as with the Affordable Care Act, used static scoring. Essentially, that method of scoring makes the erroneous assumption that when something is offered for free, the demand does not increase. 

Time to get off Gov. Scott's back. The majority of the states elected not to form insurance exchanges. Why should they? The feds will do it if the states don't, at no added cost to the taxpayer. 

Jerome Aronowitz, Boca Raton

Permanent alimony has no place in modern state

Mr. Sessums, you are mistaken: 1) Plenty of Floridians struggle under a permanent alimony judgment because they are making less, far less, than the "ex" they are supporting and 2) permanent alimony is for life and does not end at retirement.

Regarding a woman being unemployable: The skills I learned as a wife and mother served me well in the workplace. Yes, I had to start at the bottom, but I rose quickly because I was organized, could multi-task brilliantly and worked well when sick or tired.

Florida needs to catch up with most of the other states in the land and outlaw irresponsibility. Everybody should have to support him or herself.

Eileen Flaxman, Wimauma

Story about Sandy Hook 'conspiracy' inappropriate

I am absolutely horrified by the story about the FAU professor whose theory about the Sandy Hook massacre is so incredible. Only a very sick mind could even think that, and for your paper to write about it just gives him the attention he craves. Can you imagine how the survivors would feel if they ever saw such trash? This man is a disaster waiting to happen and shame on FAU for not acting on it now. He says, "I am doing what we should be doing as academics." I doubt that there is one other academic who agrees. Please, I know all about freedom of the press, but I can not believe how inappropriate this article is.

Helene Schreiber, Parkland

Illegal aliens don't deserve special treatment

I was surprised you devoted so much space to the Broward Transitional Center. The incarcerated are illegal aliens. They came here illegally, they live here illegally, they work here illegally, they drive here illegally. They increase legal inhabitants' auto insurance rates, health insurance rates and displace American workers. And, when they get caught, they whine. I'm sorry there isn't a refrigerator or microwave in their rooms. It is a detention center, not a hotel. They are given the opportunity to prove their worthiness to stay in the United States and not be immediately deported. If this isn't enough, then it's a non-issue. They should just be sent home.

Lee Doliber, Fort Lauderdale

It's cruel to deny women a choice about abortion

I'm a Canadian snowbird. Having spent close to nine months in bed with daily hormone injections to carry my two children to term, when abortion became legal in Canada (after Roe v. Wade,) I found it difficult to comprehend how some women could discard what I had wanted so badly.

Trying to understand what motivated them to opt for an abortion, I convinced the manager of an abortion clinic to include a question of that nature on its pre-op medical questionnaire and offered to organize the replies into tables. Although this was decades ago, I recall some answers indelibly etched in my brain:

1.  I don't think my husband is the father.

2.  Giving birth would kill me. I have a medical condition.


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